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  1. Mo Nothin

Written by Wes Chiller
Produced by Kyle Krone



Wes Chiller


Didn’t even flinch before it hit me
Knocked me on my ass, left me for dead
By the time I turned around it was gone
Musta been in my head

Then I strolled down a road I know
To build a shit fence, just to jump over
Wanted to see what was on the other side
Been there so many times, wasn’t that exciting,
what did I expect, just mo nothin.

Got a random call from a chick I liked
Sent it to voicemail, I couldn’t be bothered
I was busy drinking Ballast Point, wonderin what hit me earlier

Then it rang again and it was my work
Sent it to ignore I couldn’t be bothered
I was busy drinking, Gin and Tonic,
Like an old angry bitch, a scratch I couldn’t itch
Its always the same, Just mo nothing

I’ve been up all night.
Circling the drain cuz I wanted to.
Just do one thing right
Fifty five going on twenty two.

Found out what had had me
 wouldn’t tell ya til my last day breathing
Could be common sense or gypsy myth
Both are the same these days anyhow
Punch me in the face, wrap my head in fake news
Just mo nothin, Always more nothin